Cracking tracking gear!

Lets face it who doesn't love a nice smooth dolly shot - but many kits are quite heavy, bulky and not that easy to reconfigure on the fly to the range of situations you might encounter on a shoot. I'm a big fan of multipurpose video production gear which can be easily adapted to different shooting tasks without lots of accessories & tools - particularly important if you have a small crew & need to travel any distance.

I stumbled across these two bits of kit which definitely fit the bill. First up is the CamTrac, an ingenious motorised dolly system that can be utilised for time-lapse, hyperlapse and video work, with a few quick tweaks its wheels can be adapted to run on most surfaces or even grip onto railings as a track. The platform can be configured to mount a tripod, monopod, hi hat or stabiliser system such as the DJI Ronin, the motor drive assembly can also be easily detached for manual moves too. Unfortunately the Kickstarter target wasn't reached, hopefully they'll run another campaign soon and get it into production. Check out the video below:

The Ninja Dolly is another great piece of versatile dolly gear, consisting of a thin platform drilled for various camera mounting options with a 75/100mm bowl adaptor in the centre for tripod heads. As well as running on rails ( which can be any tubing roughly 40-45mm diameter ) the unit can also run on any smooth surface with its conical flat topped wheels.

Another feature is the ability to utilise the four standard grip receiver pins supplied to mount the platform to other grip equipment, stands, clamps etc. this also makes it ideal for vehicle mounting. The best part is that only one allen key is required to reconfigure the dolly. Check out the video below:

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