Aerial filming tech in action

Drone aerial footage is popping up everywhere in news, documentaries, commercials, movies etc etc. there seems to be no limits ! One particular production which caught my attention is CNN's Wonderlist - shot in some of the most spectacular and beautiful places on earth, from jungles to volcanoes, glaciers in Iceland and literally everything in between - some of the most spectacular shots were achieved by DoP Philip Bloom using small drones from DJI.

In this "Behind the Shot" episode he talks about how drones have revolutionised filmmaking in recent years and how he used this tech for some of the most breathtaking aerial filming sequences in the show. I have to say I'm rather envious - to have the opportunity to fly & shoot in these locations is a once in a lifetime opportunity ! Well worth a few mins of your time to watch.

If you need aerial filming or photography for any kind of project ( not just globe hopping documentaries ) we can help . At Ten4 Production Services Ltd we run an in-house aerial unit, SkyCamHD which is fully licensed for commercial aerial filming, holding a CAA Permission For Aerial Work certificate and specialised public liability insurance. We also use the same drones Philip flew in the Wonderlist which shows just what can be achieved from these fantastic units.

Enjoy :-)

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